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SQL Saturday Madison

This might be my shortest post ever!   I had a wonderful time at SQL Saturday Madison last weekend.  My photo’s are all located at the link below.   I would love to write more about my experience but I’m already off to another SQL Saturday in Las Vegas.  The following weekend after that event i’ll be organizing and presenting at Big Mountain Data(www.utahgeekevents.com).  So I might not get a chance to blog too much before then.  Have to catch up later!


Photo Opportunity at the PASS Summit

Keynote at the PASS Summit

I take a different approach to the summit than many other people.  Sure I’m going to network and see my great friends I’ve made in this community.  I’m also going to get the best training/content I can’t get anywhere else.  For me though there is a little more.  For many years I’ve approached the summit with a photographers view.

I really started getting into photography about 5 years ago and started enjoying it as a hobby as I got farther into it and as my skills possessed I learned I could finally make some of the pictures and ideas I had in my head.  I started to make photographs instead of just taking snapshots.  The PASS summit is hard for me since I want to use my knowledge to make the right photograph but I also find that the best photographs at the pass summit are the ones that just happen.

This year I’ll once again be carrying a camera and looking for the same thing I have every year.

SQL Royalty

Something that captures “PASS”, maybe that’s a first timer seeing the quiz bowl for the first time or someone meeting SQL Royalty Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp for the first time.  Whatever it may be I’m going to do my best to try and find it.

That’s great Pat but what’s your point here?    My photos are always open to the community and for use by everyone.  My goal this year is to come back with photos that you can use in future presentations and future websites.  Not just talking about photos PASS can use but all the SQL community.  My challenge to you, as you fly/bike/ride/walk/travel to the PASS summit is what ideas do you have that you would like to see or use in a future presentation related to SQL?   I would love to see an email/comment or hit me up in the halls telling me what you would like to see in a photo that you could use.  I’ll work on making it happen.

Jason being Jason.  :)

As always my photos will be streaming through an Eye-fi card to this flick album (here) so even if you’re not at the summit you will be able to tune in and see what’s going on.  My final photos after editing will end up on my Smugmug site (here).  If you would like to use one of my pictures you need only to ask, safe travels to all my SQL family and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

See you in Seattle!