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DBA Job Hunting Tips Part 2

I wanted to follow up to this post DBA Job Hunting Tips.  I received a resume from one candidate that I really liked how they organized the information about themselves.  It went in line with many of the things from that first blog post.  The candidate didn’t want to share the resume so I simply made a new header for my resume and will use that.  Below is an example of a really simple clean header that gives me all the information I need to look this person up online and saves me a lot of time.

As you can see I listed out my blog, Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile.  This gives the person looking at this resume easy access to all the work related information they need for me online.  If you speak often a link to your SpeakerRate profile would be a good idea as well.  You should always go out of your way to make it easy for a hiring manager to find information about you.   That person may be going through hundreds of resume and saving the hiring manager time is a good idea.

Since I’ve been doing interviews all week here are a few tips as well.

  1.  Be passionate!  Make it sound like you really want to work here you are applying for the job so I’m assuming you really do want to work here.  This is a very important point for me.
  2. You will not have all the answers, Let me make that 100% clear you will *NOT* have all the answers.  Don’t  be afraid to say I don’t know but I have these resources to use at my disposal (google,twitter,blogs,friends and etc…) and describe how you would find the answer.
  3. Don’t afraid to be technical.  You may be doing an interview with a HR person that doesn’t know SQL from Perl.  Don’t be afraid to ask how technical do you want me to go?  List out direct statements if you can or if they want a technical answer.
  4. Be early.  Notice I didn’t say on time.  Again show me that you want to work here if you are excited and really want to work here then you need to show me that.
  5. Practice!  Hold mock interviews with your friends.  Go present at a user group to get used to talking in front of people. If you can get in on doing an interview I suggest it to get another perspective.
  6. Keep a clean appearance,  If this is a phone interview you can ignore this but sooner or later you’ll need to do a in person face to face interview when that happens dress appropriately.  I’m not a big fan of a suit and tie for interviews typically because I’m interviewing developers / DBA and we don’t normally wear that every day in our work environment. Wear something you will be comfortable in but still looks professional.  Bonus points if you wear a really geeky shirt like from www.thinkgeek.com.

The key item on this list for me is #1.  When someone does not a question I see that as a teaching opportunity for a candidate that really wants to learn.  If the person is not passionate then I’m assuming they don’t want to learn and don’t want to move forward with the career they have chosen.

These tips are very subjective as everyone interviews and hires people differently this is what works for me and what I look for but no matter who you are talking to if you are passionate about the subject it will show.


New beginnings

My world keeps changing.

Recently I was approached by this wonderful gentleman that needed some help with some DB work and he offered a lunch to discuss the position.  I figured I would go to lunch and let him know about the great events we had coming up in the community that could not only help him find someone but could get his team exposed to lots of great content.   Unfortunately I’m a lousy sales person.   Adam (@AdamEdmunds) told me about the SSAS projects they had in the works and what they were looking to do and I was intrigued.  After a few more emails and discussions I was hooked on the idea.

In a few short weeks I’ll start with Allegiance.   I’m really stoked about getting started on the projects they are currently working on.  We collect Survey/Feedback for customers from multiple sources to present that data to the customer.   I’ll be working as a Dba/DW/Architect basically anything that is needed on the DB.  One of the unique aspects to the company is providing DW/BI as a service to our customers.  For anyone that knows and understands the DW/BI space it’s not a simple thing to use a SAAS (Software as a Service) model for DW/BI.  This should be an excellent challenge that I’ll share in the future though blogging.  Looking forward to the challenge the position will bring.  If you’re at the summit and you do a DW/BI in a SAAS model I would love to chat!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my blogging about the PASS summit coming up next week!  See you all there!