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You can find my Linked in Profile here. Just consider this my resume. I rarely keep a separate document for my resume.

I’ll summarize my experience below.

Technologies well versed in.

SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Mysql, AWS(RDS, Aurora, Redshift), DW/ETL/ELT.

I offer training in performance tuning, setup and many other aspects of the Database.   I can assist with design of Databases, Train developers on what they are doing wrong to the database or simply tell you what’s wrong with the database. I can frequently tell you the biggest pain points you are having with your application simply by hearing some of the pains you are suffering.  I’m happy to jump on a call and discuss some of the issues you are seeing.

I have 2 basic Goals with Consulting.

  1. Help companies to improve how they are using the Databases. This helps the company to make more money and improves the system for the customers.
  2. Grow the community around me, By helping other companies I’m making more connections that can be part of the community in the future.

I provide excellent communication and customer service to all my customers.  I am not interested in being a full time Database developer, DBA or Database engineer.  I will help with projects and I will train others, but I hope to keep my engagements limited and teach others what they need to know.

If you would like to connect with me you can reach me at any of the items below.

Wright Database Consulting

Pat Wright

Linked In :