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SQL Family

Thomas Larock aka @SqlRockstar (Blog|Twitter) has put on a monthly meme with a different topic each month.  I’ve decided to participate in this topic as it’s an important aspect of my life.Thom asks “Write about what #sqlfamily means to you.”#SqlFamily started for me way back in 2003.  I was a DBA at a large health care organization and I heard about a SQL users group starting in my area I wanted to check it out since any help I could get in my current role as a DBA would be great.  I started to attend the meetings and found others that enjoyed SQL Server as well.  This then lead me to start presenting and shortly after attending my first PASS Summit.  At the summit I met even more people like me that not only enjoyed SQL Server but gave of their time freely to help others.For me the #SQLFamily has always been about people helping people.  The community is very giving to everyone.   There is no membership in this family, it’s never a question of have you been here before or are you a “regular”  it’s the place that welcomes you with open arms regardless of who you are or what you do.  If you have a problem we’ll help you try and solve it.  It’s that simple it’s that easy.  To me that’s #SQLFamily.

The family extends so much further than a discussion forum or a specific website.  It’s there when your son/family member is in the hospital and you need some positive reinforcement.  It’s there to wish you congratulations when a new baby is born or you celebrating sending your kids off to college.  It’s people taking care of each other and looking out for one another.

To answer Thom’s original question.  #sqlfamily means people helping people.  Something I think all families should strive to do more often.


Holy Bingo, I’m a Square!

That’s right this year at the PASS Summit you get to play Bingo!  Not just any Bingo but Twtiter Bingo.  Stuart A(@StuartA), Brent O(@brento) and Blythe M(@blytheMorrow) have put together rules and all the details of the contest. Stuart has blogged about it here.  Basically you need to find people on the Bingo card on Tuesday you need to get a straight line.  Monday two straight lines and then on Wednesday a blackout.  Each day once you have gotten the specific pattern you need to turn it into the Quest booth at the expo hall.  They will have a drawing for fabulous gifts and prizes.  :) 

Now I’m telling you all this because I’m a Bingo Square!  My handle on twitter is @SqlAsylum.  I will be one of the easiest squares to find because I’m typically wearing a red vest as a PASS Ambassador.  patpass2007 So most of the time you can see me near the PASS Booth or in the halls helping to direct others to where they are trying to go.  I’m also a PASS Board of director and would love to hear your thoughts on the PASS Elections, the conference or the Community in general.  Hopefully you will all have a chance to find me. I’ll even tell you the story or my code word if you would like.  It’s all about the PASS Conference and it’s history.