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SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data Attendee Reminder Part 3 of 3


SQL Saturday SLC (#349) & Big Mountain Data

The Big Event is tomorrow and we are super excited! You still have time to forward the event to your friends and let the know. Even if they are not registered we welcome walk in registrations!

Thank you for registering for SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data. We will send out 3 emails to all registered attendees over the next 3 days to give you all the important information you need about the conference. If you miss an email or you registered after the email went out you can find all the email/information here.

  1. Part 1 of 3
  2. Part 2 of 3
  3. Part 3 of 3(this newsletter)

Summary of key information

  1. Cost: FREE
  2. Attendance: 500+ planned
  3. Schedule: Link to Schedule
  4. Location: Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building 1768 Campus Center Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84112
  5. Calendar file: Ics file
  6. Map Link: Map
  7. Register@: Uge Site
  8. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m.
  9. Lunch: 12:20-1:20
  10. Guidebook: Digital Schedule and info about the conference available on most phones. GuideBookSchedule

Saturday Morning

Review the Map and Parking Locations. Look for the Large Blue flags to help you find locations to park and where to go they will guide you to the building. We will also have SQL Saturday signs that will help you find the location.


You do not need to print anything to bring to the registration table. Just have your name and we will look you up in the system. You will be given a badge, lunch ticket, bag and shirt. The shirts are first come first serve, we do have a chance of running out with how many registrations we have. If you come early you have a better chance of getting a shirt. The Shirts have 4 different sayings on them. If you want to change the shirt for another saying please chat with another attendee about switching shirts or wait till after the first session to switch at the registration desk. This is so we can keep registration moving smoothly.


We have lots of great prizes to give out.

  1. Journey Team will be giving away an Xbox one
  2. Profisee will be giving away a Dell Venue pro Tablet
  3. Dell will also be giving away a Dell tablet

These are just some of the few prizes to give away. To be entered to win these prizes please visit the sponsor booth. For most sponsors they will just need to scan your badge and you will be entered. Some of the sponsors may have you fill out a form to be entered for the prizes. We will hand out prizes at the end of the day in the open area around registration. You must be present to win at the end of the day.

Ask the Experts Room

We have reserved a whole session room in the afternoon to give you the chance to chat with experts in the area of data. Consider this a chance for you to bounce ideas off others, perhaps ask some other experts about a new architecture/design you are working on. Get a review from experts on the design you just published to production and what pitfalls you might run into. This is your chance to really whiteboard with an expert something you have been considering or want to know. Bring your ideas and problems and get them solved!

Session Feedback

We will have a new way for you to provide feedback for each session.

  1. You will be able to scan a QR code with each room you go into and that will bring up a survey in a browser window on your phone
  2. The Schedule located here. Will have a link to a survey form for each session.

Good feedback is critical to speakers so they can improve their speaking abilities. We hope that you will take the time to provide feedback. Please be detailed in your feedback and tell the speakers what they can do to improve. Things like “Speaker needs to talk louder”,”Speaker needs to engage audience”,”Speaker should be better prepared and have tested demo to make sure it worked properly”. All of these things help the speakers to improve specific parts of the session.

Event Feedback

We will send out an email Saturday morning to all registered attendees with a link to take a survey about the event. We always strive to improve our events and we hope you can help us do that by providing feedback.

Be Respectful

Finally we think this barely needs mentioning because we have an awesome membership! Please be courteous and respectful of others. We want you to debate and discuss technology and find ways to make things better for everyone and we want everyone to enjoy themselves.

Thank you

SLC SQL Saturday & Big Mountain Data organizing committee


Simple rules for attending a conference

I want you to have a great conference!

I want you to have a great conference!

It is just about time again for another PASS Summit.  As I’m getting ready to help out my first timers group and get ready for the summit myself I figured I would put a few tips together.  The amount of first timer posts out in the community is staggering and instead of trying to write yet another 2 page novel with lots of tips and tricks I thought I would keep it very simple.  This should apply to almost all conventions that you want to attend.  I make the assumptions in this post that you are

1. An adult

2. Most of the time you act like an adult.

Here are the rules.

1.  Communicate/socialize.  The best reason to attend a convention is NOT for the training it’s for the networking that you will be exposed to.  Remember you are all at the convention for similar reasons everyone has something to talk about so TALK!

2. Never eat/Drink/Hang out alone.  Conventions take place in some really cool places and places you may be tempted to go see the sites.  If so then go with others from the convention don’t go alone.  See rule #1 always be social always have fun.  If you want quiet/vacation time away from it all do it after/before the convention when everyone is gone.

3. Know your limits.  If you can’t stay up till 2 a.m. and still get up for a 6:30 a.m. session the next day then don’t worry about it.  Don’t feel that you have to see/do/be part of everything.  If you stick to rule #1 you are going to do just fine even if you were not at the fountain at 2:00 a.m. when someone fell in.  Also remember in this day in age most things end up on youtube.

4.  Be respectful/helpful.  Again you are all in this together take care of your fellow attendee.  Help them out when they may have forgotten rule #3.

5. Give feedback; Give it to the speakers, sponsors and organizers.  Conventions thrive on the feedback they get from the attendees.  We can’t make good events without that feedback so be suggestive and helpful in your message.  Things like “I really liked that the presenter was energetic and funny in her session”.  Not “This presentation sucked” that doesn’t help anyone get better.

Ok pretty simple 5 little rules.  This is not a long extensive list to remember or memorize it’s just simple common sense and really that’s the best thing you can do at a convention use common sense and be social.

If you would like to read more first timers post here is a good list and a link to the PASS first timers page.

My Post from last year

Midnight Dba’s Blog for PASS First Timers

PASS Community Blogs for 2013 summit

PASS First Timers

Have a Great Convention!

Different Approach to the PASS Summit this year

Volunteer Committee Last year at the Volunteer Outing. 

This will be my 5th PASS summit this year.  My second and final as a PASS Board of Director.  Each PASS has been different for me but most have all had one theme in common.  Meet and Network with many people while learning great things about SQL Server.  This year I still intend to Meet and Network with others and learn about SQL Server but I’m also going to document and focus on the people at PASS.  Everyone knows I’m a photo nut and tend to have my camera with me to much.  Well this year it will always be on me.  I’ve decided to forego my normal large laptop/camera bag for just a camera bag and net book.  Most of the time my camera will be around me shoulder/neck on my R-Strap ready to take pictures whenever I can.

I’m a visual person and have a hard time remembering names and faces.  Hopefully for me this will help me to recognize people for the next PASS Summit.  All my pictures will end up on my Flickr Photostream and will be available to those that I have taken pictures of.  If you would like a quick headshot or a picture with a friend at PASS feel free to seek me out and we’ll set something up. 

If you would like to have fun and see Seattle and take pictures as well we have a Photowalk planned on Monday at 8:00 a.m. Feel free to come join us. 



Holy Bingo, I’m a Square!

That’s right this year at the PASS Summit you get to play Bingo!  Not just any Bingo but Twtiter Bingo.  Stuart A(@StuartA), Brent O(@brento) and Blythe M(@blytheMorrow) have put together rules and all the details of the contest. Stuart has blogged about it here.  Basically you need to find people on the Bingo card on Tuesday you need to get a straight line.  Monday two straight lines and then on Wednesday a blackout.  Each day once you have gotten the specific pattern you need to turn it into the Quest booth at the expo hall.  They will have a drawing for fabulous gifts and prizes.  :) 

Now I’m telling you all this because I’m a Bingo Square!  My handle on twitter is @SqlAsylum.  I will be one of the easiest squares to find because I’m typically wearing a red vest as a PASS Ambassador.  patpass2007 So most of the time you can see me near the PASS Booth or in the halls helping to direct others to where they are trying to go.  I’m also a PASS Board of director and would love to hear your thoughts on the PASS Elections, the conference or the Community in general.  Hopefully you will all have a chance to find me. I’ll even tell you the story or my code word if you would like.  It’s all about the PASS Conference and it’s history. 


Photowalking at the 2009 PASS Summit

It’s that time of year again for the PASS Summit.  Which means it’s time for a PASS Photowalk.  Tim Ford(@sqlagentman)  and myself wanted to get together last year and take some pictures around Seattle.  Many friends joined us and the PASS Photowalk was born.  We will be leading a Photowalk once again this year  Here are all the details. 

Where: Sheraton Lobby
When:  Monday Nov 2nd 8:00 a.m.
Who:  Anyone with a camera.  The only requirement to Photowalking  is a camera of some sort.  If it’s a camera on your phone that’s fine. The goal is to socialize and meet other PASS/SQL folks and to take pictures while doing it. 

Myself and Tim Ford will be leading the Photowalk.  We will start off at the Sheraton and hopefully do a quick group shot and then work our way down to Pikes Place Market and then to Sculpture Park near Pikes place.  From there will be anyone’s guess.  We will most likely stop at Pikes Place for some breakfast of some sort.   Many of us will have things to attend later in the day on Monday so the walk most likely will not go past lunch time.   Hopefully everyone is attending Don Gabor’s session later in the day as well. 

We will use #sqlpassphotowalk as the hash tag for the event in case you want to follow where we are on twitter.  I’m sure a few other people on the walk will be using twitter.  If you know your going to be late email me at and I’ll pass on my cell phone number so you can call me and find out where we are. 

I’ve created a Flickr group for us to post photo’s from the Photowalk.  You can visit it here. please Tag your photos with SQLPASS. For ease of searching.  If you don’t have a flickr account it’s free to setup.  You can see my pictures from last years Photowalk as well to get an idea of the walk.  

Here are some suggestions to make this a good photowalk for you.

1. Be sociable.  This is about learning and networking.

2. Be prepared.  Last year we were lucky with excellent weather.  We will see if we are that lucky again.  Dress in layers and either carry an umbrella or be prepared to get wet.  If your brining a Digital SLR like myself it’s best to have something to cover it up with such as a bag to keep the water out. 

3. Walking.  While we may stop at a location to take pictures there will be much walking.  Wear shoes that are appropriate to do so. 

4. Have fun.  As with all things at PASS have a good time.

If there’s any questions comments feel free to add them here.  I’ve also posted this in the  forums .

Hope to see you all there! 


Pass Summit

Did you know that the PASS Summit is right around the corner? Well Ok it’s in November but The Early bird discount expires on June 30th! Now is the time to register for the Best SQL Server summit around! They have also just announced some of the sessions on the Summit Website I would suggest taking a look at them. In my opinion there’s nowhere you can get so much great training on SQL server and networking with more SQL Dba’s then the PASS Summit. This also will be our largest Summit ever and the 10th summit in PASS’s History!

I almost forgot the Keynote Speakers are listed also. Typically Keynote’s are not the best sessions of the conference for me but with Ted speaking on the future of SQL Server I think that’s not going to be one to miss. I also met and spoke with Tom Casey at a Ms event recently and I think that will be a great presentation he’s interested in everything about SQL Server and should be an excellent keynote speaker.

Check it out and Get Registered! I hope to see you there!