PGSQL Phriday #003 Summary: What is the PostgreSQL Community to me? 

Last week for “PGSQL Phriday” I posed this question. “What is the PostgreSQL Community to me?” ← this is my entry as well. 


Listed below is a summary of each person that took part and some of my comments related to the blog post.  It was wonderful reading through the blog posts and getting different perspectives from others.  

Andreas Scherbaum (Ads)

Ads did a great job of listing a good number of resources for the community that is currently available.  He also touched on the personal aspect of the community which is very important.  Many of us in the community become good friends with others and share many of the same adventures!  I hope everyone in the community can have those experiences.  

Ryan Booz 

Ryan gave us a great overview of the community,  talking about its diverse nature of it and the important things we need to all focus on.  We all need to be Thoughtful, Knowledgable, and passionate about Postgres.  He hopes that in 2023 we will see a lot more of this and that the community continues to grow!  I whole heartedly agree with this and expect to see this happen as well.  

Ryan Lambert

Ryan talked about how the community was helpful and how he started off with PostGIS and stayed for the long haul.  He gave us a good list of resources on where to find the community.  He reminds us that the People are what makes the community so great and worthwhile!  

Francesco Tisiot

Francesco is probably the newest member of the community that took part in #PGSQL Phriday.  Which is great!  We love having new members of the community involved.  He broke this down into lists of how the community has been good for him and he showed lists of how to get involved.  Even offering up his services if you need assistance on blog/call for paper in the future.  Thank you, Francesco!


I’m really happy that I took part in #PGSQL Phriday.  I hope to continue taking part each month and continue to write more on my blog about the PG Community. I look forward to seeing the community grow and helping others.  

Since I’m a coordinator for several of the PG US conference events you see or participate in. I will offer the same thing as Francesco If you have any need to review papers, or sessions, or have questions about how to get involved. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll happily jump on zoom or chat and we can discuss for hours.   


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