PGSQL Phriday #003: What is the PostgreSQL community to you?

Picture taken at NYC PG Conf 2022

I am excited to continue on the #PGSQL Phriday blogging series.  This series was first started by Ryan Booz earlier this year. We are now on the third edition, which is all about the community.   

What is the PostgreSQL community to you?  

I personally am relatively new to the PG community. I only started attending events and working with PG about 5 years ago.  I’ve talked to a lot of different people in the community and I’ve found many different people have different ideas of what the community is and where it is.  

I would love to hear more varied views and opinions on this topic. Here are some ideas if you need help getting started with a blog post.  

  • List of resources you commonly use in the community? 
  • Favorite event(s) that you attend to make you closely connected with the community? 
  • A story of help/work provided by you or someone else in the community? 
  • How would you get started in the community?  

How does #PGSQLPhriday work?

  • Post your blog post about “What is the PostgreSQL community to you?” by Friday, December 16th. December 2nd.
  • Include “PGSQL Phriday #003” in the title or first paragraph of the blog posting.
  • Link back to this blog posting, for example: “Pat here is my voice on Community!  ‘PGSQL Phriday #003′”.
  • Announce your blog post in one or any of these places:
  • Interact with other blog posts about this topic!  We hope to see conversations happening, slack, Twitter, or directly in blog comments works as well.

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