Packing list for Summit 2013

Quick post listing out my Tech/Geek essential packing list for the summit, I’m starting my summit adventure very late Saturday evening so I can get some photo time in on Sunday afternoon.  Because of that I need to make a reminder list of everything I need to take from the gadget side of things. No I have not listed clothes/bathroom needs that would be a separate list or just something easy enough to figure out.    Many of these things already reside in my laptop bag but I double check to make sure I have them.


o Phone
o Ipad
o Laptop
o Camera (little one) – I have more than one.
o Portable USB Drive
o Usb mouse(small travel one)
o Speakers (I like listening to music in the hotel)

Camera Gear (Probably won’t have all of this on your list) 

o Camera w/battery grip
o Camera Batteries X2
o 11-16mm lens
o 85mm lens
o 50mm lens
o 2 X sb600 (flash)
o 4 X 4 sets AA batteries (16 in total if saving weight buy these on site)
o Remote trigger release
o Lens cleaning cloth
o Bounce card
o 4 X Sd cards

Cables /Connectors/Chargers

o Phone charger
o Ipad charger
o 1 x ipad cable
o Extra phone battery
o 2 x usb micro
o 2 x usb mini
o Mac  cable for vga/hdmi connections

o Laptop power cable
o Surge protector
o Camera charger
o Car USB Charger (I’m planning some driving)
o Network cable(rarely need this anymore)
o Logitech Presenter( if presenting)
o Mouse Pad mat (doubles as a lens cleaning cloth)

Those are all the geeky tech things I need to get around for summit.  If I was doing larger photo shoots at the summit I would have more gear like light stands and soft boxes and so forth but I’m not this year so really I’ll be packing “light” in the camera world.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the summit in a few days!


2 responses to “Packing list for Summit 2013

  1. Love it! You are packing way more than me!

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