Don’t Panic!….The Summit is over


That’s right unfortunately the PASS summit has once again come to a close. We never like to talk about it but it never fails that all good things must come to an end? Now what?

I figured I would compile a quick list of things you should do now that the summit is over.

1. Order the sessions! Can’t tell you how great it is to have the sessions that you missed. If you haven’t ordered them do so!
2. Take the business cards you got at the summit and send each one in an email. Hopefully you wrote down what you discussed then you can continue that discussion in email.
3. Keep on twitter and following the people you met at the summit
4. Find the local user group in your area and get engaged! User groups are a great way to keep the summit fever going
5. Find the next SQL Saturday happening near you and volunteer to help out or speak.
6. Apply what you learned, take the notes you’ve written down during the sessions and apply them to your work environment. Some things will take more time than others but start making a list and getting to work.
7. Mentor someone else, take what you’ve learned and spread the word to others.
8. Edit the pictures you have taken. <;– some need this more than others.

If you keep this list in mind the Summit won't stop in Seattle for you!

Happy Travels to all my SqlFamily!


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