Attending the PASS Summit for First Timers –Summary

Thanks to a very busy work week last week it took a little longer for me to get all my summit blog posts published.  I wanted to make sure I got a summary out today so that you had all the info you need at your fingertips.  I’m working on my emails to my first timers group and this where I’ll be sending everyone.

Here are my posts about preparing for the Summit.

Pre-Summit (planning/Packing)

Sunday Day 1 

Monday Day 2

Tuesday Day 3 

Wednesday Day 4 

Thursday Day 5

Friday Day 6 

I noticed I missed a few key points in these Posts.

  1. Schedule, you will find it here.  Many people like to prepare this before the summit if so the schedule builder is for you. Personally I pick my schedule when I get to the summit after talking with others on what they want to see.  I like to get interaction with others and find out what they like to see and which speakers they really like to hear from.
  2. Water is important make sure to drink lots of it.
  3. Sleep is important.  There is a very good chance you will get very little sleep. If you don’t work well on little sleep don’t push yourself and stay up with the super late crowd you want to be fresh for the sessions during the day.  This is something you have to realize on your own many people have no problem staying up very late and they can function on little sleep.

Finally I wanted to add some other great Blogs I have been reading for first timers.  I strongly suggest you look through them as well.  If you know of other great blogs leave them in the comments.

Midnight Dba’s Blog for PASS First Timers

MS SQL Girl PASS Summit 2012 Tips


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