Attending the Pass Summit, Wednesday Day 4

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Wednesday.  Here is a link to the previous day in the Series Tuesday.

Wednesday is the start of the summit!   Kicking your Day off with Breakfast and a keynote is a great way to start a full day of learning.  Hopefully you met some new people at the welcome reception and now you can get to know them better between sessions.


  1. The Wednesday keynote is usually full of product announcements from MS so you won’t want to miss it.
  2. #sqlrun is going on in the morning if you are into running this is a fun way to meet others as well.  Info here.  I am a walker myself but I may be around to take pictures for this.
  3. Wednesday is SQL Saturday support day so wear your favorite SQL Saturday shirt.  I have several to choose from and not sure which I will be supporting yet.
  4. Wednesday the lunch is for you to find your local chapter.   The tables will be segmented out by chapter so that you can find fellow members of your community you may not have known.   If you are not active in your local chapter this is a great time to get to know some of the other people from your area.
  5. The Expo hall welcome reception is on Wednesday and is a great time to start meeting all the vendors and see the products that are available to you in the market.
  6. I imagine there will be a few people heading to Bush Gardens this evening for Karaoke as well so make sure to save some time in the evening to head out with others and socialize.

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