Attending the Pass Summit, Thursday Day 5

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Thursday.  Here is a link to the previous day in the Series Wednesday.

Hopefully you were out late Wednesday night socializing with many of your new friends at the Summit.   Unfortunately some events are scheduled early on Thursday morning so you may have a very short sleep before things get kicked off.   I wouldn’t skip breakfast on Thursday either not only for the chance to meet new people but you’ll need some coffee if you had a late night the evening before.


  1. A hosted Breakfast will be happening Thursday morning brought to you by SIOS technology and Fusion-IO.   You can RSVP and find the info here. 
  2. PASS will only be having 2 keynotes this year so your last chance to hear about new products and technologies will be at the Thursday keynote.   This one historically for me as not been that interesting but since we are only having 2 this year that might change.
  3. Thursday has the WIT (Women in Technology) lunch.   This is not just for woman, Men are welcome as well and personally I love to attend this lunch.  I have two young daughters and finding ways to help them in technology in the future is a great way to spend my time.  I highly suggest this event to everyone to try and attend.
  4. The Community Appreciation event will be Thursday evening.  MS and PASS want to say thank you to the community for all its support so they have rented out the EMP space and will have games and karaoke and all sorts of events going on inside.   You can find more information at the PASS evening Events page.
  5. Thursday is usually a great evening to get out late night and get some more photos as well.  I can’t confirm an impromptu photowalk at this time but make sure to watch the #sqlpass #photowalk tag to hear the latest info.

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