Attending the Pass Summit, Friday Day 6

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Friday.  Here is a link to the previous day in the Series Thursday.

Friday unfortunately marks the last day of the official summit.  No keynote this year on Friday so it gives you more time to make sessions and socialize with the many new friends you have made.


  1. Many people fly out Friday so if you are flying make sure to get your bags packed in the morning.  All the hotels will hold your bags for you during the day if you want to check out of the hotel and then head to the conference.
  2. Friday breakfast will be a great time to chat with the new friends you have made and make sure you have contact info/business card so you can keep in touch after PASS is over.
  3. The bird of a feather lunch that happens on Friday is a great time to meet people based on similar areas of expertise with SQL Server.  So if you are into DW/BI there will be tables dedicated to others that are working on the same problems as you are probably facing.
  4. If you are not flying out early on Friday it’s a good evening to kick back and relax with friends and get dinner.  Many have already left so you’ll find it a little quieter than previous nights but a great time to catch up and review the conference with friends.

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