Attending the Pass Summit, Tuesday Day 3

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Tuesday.  Here is a link to the previous day in the Series Monday.

Tuesday is similar to Monday in that most people are either flying in or they are attending a pre-con.  The really cool/smart kids will be attending the PhotoWalk in the morning.   I’ve kept some of the same information from my last post on here since it still relates to Tuesday as well but I’ve added items as well.


  1. Sit up front and take lots of notes.  Pre-Cons are excellent deep dives into a specific portion of SQL Server and your brain will hurt after the day is done.  Stay focused throughout the day and it will really help to learn the topics.
  2. It’s a great time to really get to know someone else at the conference.  Talk to the person next to/behind you at Pre-cons.  Remember you all have something in common and you never know when you’ll make a lifelong friend.
  3. Eat with others at lunch and chat at the tables.  Making connections now will help you all throughout the conference.  One common theme you will hear frequently is never eat alone at PASS!

Travelling into the Summit 

  1. Take the Train from the airport; it’s the easiest and most economical.  Find out more here.
  2. Register early, Registration will be open all day.
  3. Check out the convention center if you’re a first timer.  Good idea to get yourself familiar with where some of the rooms are located.


  1. Start the day off with the Photowalk!
  2. Tuesday starts the first timer’s events and the Welcome reception for PASS. If you’re a first timer you should check out this page for all the info you need.  I strongly suggest signing up for a networking session.  Don does an excellent job giving helping you to learn the ropes of networking.
  3. Attend the Exceptional DBA Awards party, another great way to meet people and have fun.  Not to mention they have been known to hand out lots of giveaways!  Well worth the price of admission.
  4. Most likely you will find a group heading to Bush Gardens on each night of the summit as well.  If you are into Karaoke and love hanging out with others Bush Gardens is the place to be!  Check twitter often and the #sqlkaraoke hash tag for groups heading out.
  5. Check out the schedule for Wednesday and what you might be looking to attend.  I’ll talk about my approach to planning my schedule on the Wednesday blog post.

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