Attending the Pass Summit, Monday Day 2

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Monday.  Here is a link to the previous day in the Series Sunday.

If you’re in town on Monday most likely you will be flying in or attending a pre-con or you are attending SQL in the City from Red Gate.  I will be attending the SQL In the City event and am looking forward to some great presentations from some awesome presenters.   I’ve broken this post down into groups depending on what you may be doing on Monday.


  1. Sit up front and take lots of notes.  Pre-Cons are excellent deep dives into a specific portion of SQL Server and your brain will hurt after the day is done.  Stay focused throughout the day and it will really help to learn the topics.
  2. It’s a great time to really get to know someone else at the conference.  Talk to the person next to/behind you at Pre-cons.  Remember you all have something in common and you never know when you’ll make a lifelong friend.
  3. Eat with others at lunch and chat at the tables.  Again making connections now will help you all throughout the conference.  One common theme you will hear frequently is never eat alone at PASS!

SQL in the City 

  1. I have yet to attend one of these events so I’m not sure what to expect.  Besides that I know many of the presenters and they rock!  I expect a lot of good sessions from this event.
  2. Same as above meet people and make connections.  Both with the vendor and with others at the event.
  3. If you use Red Gate products now is a great time to give them feedback about the products.  Vendors always want feedback so they can make better products.
  4. Besides hearing some great sessions I intend to take lots of pictures at this event to give me some more event photography practice to get ready for the summit.  All my Photos go online when I’m at the summit and will for this event as well.  I’ll post the links I intend to use closer to summit time.

Travelling to the Summit 

  1. Take the Train from the airport; it’s the easiest and most economical.  Find out more here.
  2. Register early, Registration will be open all day.
  3. Check out the convention center if you’re a first timer.  Good idea to get yourself familiar with where some of the rooms are located.
  4. If you have time, Visit some great sites in Seattle.  Seattle is a wonderful town and has lots of places to see.  You can check out Visit Seattle and get some great ideas.  I would suggest at least Pikes Place Market, Space Needle and Underground tour if you get a chance.
  5. Find others to get some dinner with Monday night.   Steve Jones and Andy Warren will be doing the annual networking dinner great place to meet people before the summit starts. All the details you need to  sign up here.

Good time to start putting some common theme’s you’ll see on the #psa #sqlpass hashtag on twitter.

Never eat alone at PASS.   Everyone has something in common at PASS make sure you reach out to others.


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