Attending the Pass Summit, Sunday Day 1

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Sunday.   Find the Pre-Summit Post Here.

The summit doesn’t officially start till Tuesday evening but for some people you have signed up for pre-cons or have meetings on Monday and Tuesday.   So you may arrive on Sunday.  I’ve arrived on Sunday for the last few years.  Typically I visit with friends or head out of town to go photograph something.  You can read about my plans at this post about the summit.

If you find yourself at the summit on Sunday here are some things to do.

  1. Register early, Registration opens on Sunday evening usually around 4 or 5.
  2. Check out the convention center if you’re a first timer.  Good idea to get yourself familiar with where some of the rooms are located.
  3. Visit some great sites in Seattle.  Seattle is a wonderful town and has lots of places to see.  You can check out Visit Seattle and get some great ideas.  I would suggest at least Pikes Place Market, Space Needle and Underground tour if you get a chance.
  4. Rest up and get prepared for a busy week of learning!
  5. If you’re into photography and have a chance on Sunday to get out of town with a rental car, the Olympic peninsula is an awesome place to get some great photos.  I will be heading out to Snoqualmie Falls on Sunday this year.

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