Grab your Cameras it’s time for the PASS Summit 2012 Photowalk

I know you have all been eager to hear about the most anticipated event of the PASS 2012 Summit.  That’s right it’s Photowalking time!  If your new to Photowalking or have no idea what I’m talking about See this post. 

So this year I’m looking forward to getting a lot of photowalking time in at the pass summit.  I will be heading out on Sunday to Snoqualmie Falls and then finishing the day by heading to Kerry Park for some night shots of the space needle.  I’m planning on attending Sql in the City by Red Gate and doing some pictures while at the event.    Tuesday will be the official photowalk but I would also like to do a night photowalk Tuesday night depending on evening events.  Wednesday I will attempt to capture #SqlRun depending on the Tuesday evening events (what time I find my way back to the hotel).  The rest of the summit will mainly be covering some sort of event that is going on at the summit.   Anyone and everyone are welcome to join me at any of the items I’ve mentioned for some good photo fun.

For the official Photowalk I have some questions/Polls for you photowalkers out there.

We were not able to make it to Volunteer Park last year (see post here) and I am considering taking the walk out here again since it looks to be a great area for some photos.  The Catch is we won’t be in Seattle next year and it might be a good idea to take the walk back to where it all started with pikes place and then down to the docks/pier.  This was the route of the first official photowalk and seems fitting.  So please cast your vote below for what you would like to attend.

I will work on a contingency plan as well if we are to get rained out again.  I got many compliments on the training session we did at least years summit.  I’m willing to do this again if we can get a room and a time to coordinate this.   I won’t have lights with me this year (at least I hope not) but I can still train on how to use your camera in different situations.

I’ve also noticed a lot of people using Event Brite this year for the after hours events so once we nail down location/time I’ll get an event Brite created as well.


11 responses to “Grab your Cameras it’s time for the PASS Summit 2012 Photowalk

  1. Fantastic idea! I missed out on Photowalk last year. I would really love to come along this year and invite a few of the people in my First Timers group as well. Tuesday evening event would be superb and morning / dawn shots would be nice too!

    Thanks for organising.


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  6. Is there a time for the Tuesday Photowalk?

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  8. Hi! I would love to join for the Sunday’s Photowalk as I will be there in Westin from Friday evening. Please let me know how can I join for the event.
    Aneesh, a First Timer 🙂

  9. Marne Schafersman

    I would like to do the photo walk with you tonight. Please let me know when and where to meet. Thanks!

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