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Attending the Pass Summit, Sunday Day 1

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover Sunday.   Find the Pre-Summit Post Here.

The summit doesn’t officially start till Tuesday evening but for some people you have signed up for pre-cons or have meetings on Monday and Tuesday.   So you may arrive on Sunday.  I’ve arrived on Sunday for the last few years.  Typically I visit with friends or head out of town to go photograph something.  You can read about my plans at this post about the summit.

If you find yourself at the summit on Sunday here are some things to do.

  1. Register early, Registration opens on Sunday evening usually around 4 or 5.
  2. Check out the convention center if you’re a first timer.  Good idea to get yourself familiar with where some of the rooms are located.
  3. Visit some great sites in Seattle.  Seattle is a wonderful town and has lots of places to see.  You can check out Visit Seattle and get some great ideas.  I would suggest at least Pikes Place Market, Space Needle and Underground tour if you get a chance.
  4. Rest up and get prepared for a busy week of learning!
  5. If you’re into photography and have a chance on Sunday to get out of town with a rental car, the Olympic peninsula is an awesome place to get some great photos.  I will be heading out to Snoqualmie Falls on Sunday this year.

Attending the Pass Summit, Pre-Summit Planning for First timers

This series of posts is going to be for my first timers to get them ready for the PASS Summit.  This post will cover the pre-summit items, and then we will go day by day with information about the summit.

You have done the unthinkable!  You convinced your boss/exec/manager that training is a great thing and when you get home you will be able to make all the servers run 100% faster!  Good job!   So now what?  I’ll give you some of my pre-pass checklist to get ready for.

  1.  Order some business cards or get some from your company if they provide them.
  2.  Join Twitter if you’re not already there.  Follow the #sqlpass hashtag.  Most afterhours events are coordinated either through talking in the halls of the summit or on twitter.
  3. Take a look at the current afterhours /schedule of events.
  4. First timers check out the Pass page for First Timers some great events listed here.
  5. Check out the schedule of sessions located here.
  6. Prepare your office.
    1. Set out of office on outlook for when you will be gone.
    2. Tell your co-workers how to get a hold of you if needed and email/calls may be delayed
    3. Train others to do some simple tasks while you are gone.   This will really help with avoiding calls/emails in the middle of the sessions.
    4. Make sure you have RDP/VPN access if you have to work remotely.
    5. If you are  required to be on call and expect a lot of work consider a Mobile hotspot or other device for you to be connected.  Hotel wireless will work but we will have 3-5K tech heads in one place and most of the time the hotel wireless is very busy.  Along with the convention center.  So if it’s critical you have connection plan accordingly.
  7. Packing list
    1. While Seattle is very wet a light jacket is really all you will want.  I use a fleece lined jacket that is a windbreaker and have never had an issue staying warm.
    2. Comfortable shoes!  You will be walking/standing a lot!
    3. Camera!  If you have this on your phone great you will have lots of chances for fun photos with friends.  If you are really want to see the sites and take pictures consider joining us on the photowalk.
    4. Power cables
      1. Phone charger
      2. Ipad charger
      3. Power cable for laptop
      4. Power cable for camera if needed
      5. Surge protector can be very handy in the hotels.
    5. Clothes make them comfortable; bring your favorite SQL Saturday shirt and your kilt for kilt day!
    6. Leave room in your bag for Swag!   You will get lots of swag items from the vendor hall I suggest either a separate bag to bring back or leave room in your suitcase for plenty of space.
  8. Bring your favorite SQL books if you want them signed.  Very good chance the author will be at the summit.
  9. Verify your travel plans.  Flight/hotel.   If you are flying in you should consider taking the train from the airport to downtown it’s the preferred method for getting downtown.  Just remember it’s a long walk out to light rail in the airport.  If you’re tired and dead from walking then you are halfway there.
  10. Finally I’ve missed a ton of good items in this first blog post so start reading through this list for lots more information about the PASS Summit.

This list should be a good start to get you ready for the summit and many of the things you need to do.   Being prepared makes for a great summit do these things early and you will have a wonderful summit experience.

Grab your Cameras it’s time for the PASS Summit 2012 Photowalk

I know you have all been eager to hear about the most anticipated event of the PASS 2012 Summit.  That’s right it’s Photowalking time!  If your new to Photowalking or have no idea what I’m talking about See this post. 

So this year I’m looking forward to getting a lot of photowalking time in at the pass summit.  I will be heading out on Sunday to Snoqualmie Falls and then finishing the day by heading to Kerry Park for some night shots of the space needle.  I’m planning on attending Sql in the City by Red Gate and doing some pictures while at the event.    Tuesday will be the official photowalk but I would also like to do a night photowalk Tuesday night depending on evening events.  Wednesday I will attempt to capture #SqlRun depending on the Tuesday evening events (what time I find my way back to the hotel).  The rest of the summit will mainly be covering some sort of event that is going on at the summit.   Anyone and everyone are welcome to join me at any of the items I’ve mentioned for some good photo fun.

For the official Photowalk I have some questions/Polls for you photowalkers out there.

We were not able to make it to Volunteer Park last year (see post here) and I am considering taking the walk out here again since it looks to be a great area for some photos.  The Catch is we won’t be in Seattle next year and it might be a good idea to take the walk back to where it all started with pikes place and then down to the docks/pier.  This was the route of the first official photowalk and seems fitting.  So please cast your vote below for what you would like to attend.

I will work on a contingency plan as well if we are to get rained out again.  I got many compliments on the training session we did at least years summit.  I’m willing to do this again if we can get a room and a time to coordinate this.   I won’t have lights with me this year (at least I hope not) but I can still train on how to use your camera in different situations.

I’ve also noticed a lot of people using Event Brite this year for the after hours events so once we nail down location/time I’ll get an event Brite created as well.