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What gift do I want MS to leave under the tree? (#Meme Monday from SqlRockstar)

Thomas Larock (aka @Sqlrockstar (Blog) )   has set a new question for this month’s #meme Monday.  You can read his original blog post here.  This month’s Question, “What gift do you want Microsoft to leave for you under the tree this year?” the simple answer is that I don’t want them to leave me a gift I want them to leave you a gift.

When I was a MVP many moons ago I was fortunate it enough to attend the MVP Summit in Seattle this is an annual gathering of all the MVP’s that get together and help MS improve their products and give feedback about the way they are doing things.  When I was there we were discussing SQL Server 2005 and what should be in each SKU/Product level (Standard, Workgroup, and Enterprise Editions).  We knew some of the new features that were coming out as Mvp’s and they wanted to get our take about where they should fall.  As MS read the different features it was unanimous most of the killer features we really wanted in the standard edition of the product since we knew lots of companies could benefit from that.  Not surprisingly when 2005 was released most of the features discussed ended up in enterprise edition.  What I would like to give everyone for Christmas is for the next release to balance this out a little better.  Every cycle Microsoft talks about the greatest features that are ready to come out during presentations and never mentions what edition they will be in until someone asks the question.  Go to most presentations from MS about new features and you tell me if they mention what versions they will be in until someone asks the question.

Now please don’t get me wrong, MS is a business and the job of the business is to make money.  I’m not saying they are not allowed to make money.  What I would like for everyone on Christmas from MS is for them to stop the smoke and mirror show and give it to us truthfully!  Tell us the HA features of 2012 will only be available in enterprise edition at the beginning of the presentation.  Why do I want this?   So I can go back to my desk and figure out ways to make my system work without these features since I only have Standard edition to use.  So I don’t have to spend an hour in a presentation with a technology I’m not going to be able to use.  Yes you will see me researching these new features and even presenting on them in the future but I will tell you the edition it applies to.  So you know whether this will be useful or not given your current situation.  Just a simple request to be clearer when you’re telling us that you made a new function that can give us Rainbows and Unicorns out of the DB.

I think it’s a simple Christmas wish. 🙂

Hope everyone finds this under their tree this year.