Thank you

Thank you
140 characters through twitter is just not enough to say thank you to everyone that made today a great event! We had record turnout for both Utah Code Camp and SQL Saturday #94. The most important question I ask attendees when they come to one of these events is “did you learn something” we got a lot of yes answers today and to me that’s a successful event.
Thank you so very much to Craig, Nathan and Kerry on the board for Utah Geek Events you rocked it today and we’ll keep doing it for many more events to come!
Thank you to Tjay, Scott and Ben for helping with SQL Saturday and making it a great success.
Thank you to Todd who volunteered with Code Camp so well today and in the previous weeks.
Thank you to all the speakers! Whether they flew from 5 minutes away (Chad) or they flew hundreds of miles. You speakers that give your time freely to help others are the real heroes today and should be commended. I hope to repay the favor of my CO friends very soon and come out and present for you!
Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors that gave us the funds and prizes to make this a great event.
Finally and most important Thank you to the attendees , you are building a community that is capable of great things and we will keep bringing you these events as long as we are able to do so.
We look forward to many more great events to come.


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