Giving your notice Post 3/3 The Last day on the job

This is the final installment in a blog series about leaving your employer.  Series starts here.

This might take you a little more than the last day but as soon as you have finished wrapping up what the company needs for documentation/knowledge transfer you should work on these items.


I don’t mean finding that tuna on rye that you lost in your office 2 months ago.  Depending on how long you have been at a company you could have amassed a lot of stuff. Not only physical but virtual as well, perhaps you have been a good steward of your own data and there is no personal items on your computer usually this is not the case.  Go through your computer and make sure you have removed the personal files you feel that you still need or delete the ones you don’t.  Leave any company items in tact on your computer in case the company has a need for them in the future. If you have lots of physical stuff in your office brining a bin or some boxes to get it all out is a good idea to get around making hundreds of trips to the car.

Saying See You Later

I don’t like to say goodbye on the last day. This is because I see many people I work with later at a Code Camp or SQL Saturday or user group meeting.  The world is getting smaller all the time and we run into each other more and more I know I’ll run into many of the people again.  This is also a good way to let everyone know you’re leaving. Perhaps someone missed the memo on the exact day or didn’t get the message from your boss whatever the reason it’s better to let them know you won’t be there tomorrow to fix the problem when the server goes down.

The Final Email

Depending on the size of your company sending a goodbye email to ALL might not be a good idea.  I typically reserve my final email to my immediate team and perhaps a few more individuals.  What you say in this email is entirely up to you.  My suggestion is keep it professional and remember you will most likely work with them or see them again in the community.

Leaving a company is not something many of us really want to talk about but it still is an important aspect of our working lives and hopefully this helps people to understand what to expect.  As I mentioned earlier this is a general experiences that I have had with companies.  Every company is different and these things will change for you. Make sure to stay professional in whatever you do when leaving and that will help you in the future.


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