What am I thankful for?

Jason Strate (Blog| Twitter) sent out a blog post asking all of us to post what we are thankful for. I’m going to keep this as what I’m thankful for in my technical life. Thank you Jason for the idea!

I’m thankful for the community. I know we say this often but I really appreciate anyone that helps out in the community. It’s amazing to me that we have people out there that will take time out of their personal lives and family time to give us blog posts, web casts, presentations and local conferences. The prime example I want to single out here is Wayne Snyder (Twitter). Wayne has been on the Board for PASS since before my first summit in 2004. He’s held the position of PASS President while I was a board member; he has given TONS of his time to the community.

I’m a big believer that you have to cherish and remember the little moments in your life. I had one of those little moments on my way to the PASS Summit this year.

I made it to the airport Early Sunday morning before the summit; I make sure to arrive early to the airport whenever I fly since I never know when I will get a colonoscopy from the TSA. Luckily I missed out on the invasive groping this time around. I was surprised when I ran into Wayne at the airport. I was really quite shocked since I didn’t know he was even in SLC. We sat down and were able to have a great breakfast together talking about PASS/Summit/Board/Photography. I’ve mentioned in my blog before that at the 2004 PASS Summit I was able to see Wayne speak on volunteering for PASS. This didn’t just start my career in PASS but it also started a career in volunteering that has me now managing Code Camps, SQL Saturdays and other local events, it helped me to earn an MVP award years ago, one of the great honors of my career to be included with those great individuals.

Keep these things in mind when you think your just having breakfast with someone or maybe you sat down at a hotel bar to discuss something it’s moments like this that you’ll not only remember but you may be very thankful a few years down the road. I’m sure many of you at the summit this year at similar moments that will now change and affect you going forward.

It’s people like Wayne in this community that give of themselves for no other reason than to help others. That’s what makes this community great and what I’m thankful for. I hope that all of you out in the community work to help others through whatever means you have.

Happy Holidays to all


3 responses to “What am I thankful for?

  1. Thanks for the kind words Pat. Actually the reverse is quite true. Folks like you who so generously give of themselves to help us all get better – are the essence of the goodness of PASS.
    …. And I am thankful for folks like you!

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