Branding Me?


Tim Ford's Picture of my camera without me!

I wasn’t really planning on writing something for the Un-SQL Friday that Jen McCown (Blog |Twitter) was putting on. Not because I didn’t think it was a good idea just that I have horrible branding skills and didn’t think I could add much. So I’ve decided I will write blog my to-do list I have planned for my own branding hoping that will give other people ideas in the future for what they can change.

1. Start with the “Brand Wheel” That Thom mentions in this post.

2. Start getting my name associated with @SQLAsylum.

3. Generate a list of what I plan to “market” about myself and make goals to meet the list.

4. Work on marketing my brand to more locations.

While I work on these items I know one part of my “Brand” that won’t change and will drive all the items on the list. The desire to help people, I’ve always been one to not worry about things I’m getting in return but just to give. I’ll elaborate on this in a future post that I have planned.

I’ll have follow up posts that I can use to detail these items out and show progress. Sounds like a new great blog post series coming up for me. J


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