Taking Pictures at the PASS Summit

I mentioned in my post yesterday (here) that I will be taking lots of pictures and sending them straight to Flickr.   I wanted to encourage everyone else taking pictures at the summit to do the same.  Sure you might not be able to wirelessy transmit them up to Flickr but I’m sure you’ll be unloading them on your computer so why not setup a free Flickr account and share them with thecommunity?  PASS HQ I know uses the tag SQLPASS on Flickr to find pictures about the summit.  If you post pictures to Flickr all you have to do is add that tag and it will show up in the stream.  Much like using a hashtag in twitter, let’s make this the most photographed PASS summit yet!

The only reason I suggest Flickr over Facebook is that you don’t have to be logged in to Flickr to see the pictures.  So we can share the pictures with all of the community where Facebook requires an account in many situations.

Hope to see you all there taking lots of pictures at the summit next week!

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