Bringing the PASS Summit to the people through Photography

Pass 2009 Photos-26

BrentO At the 2009 PASS Summit

BrentO Posing at the 2009 PASS Summit

Last year I mentioned in this blog post how I was looking to take a different approach to the summit and focus on the people at the PASS Summit.

This year I intend to go even further. I’ve purchased an Eye-FI Card (link) this is a SD card with a built in wifi card inside the card, meaning that my camera can transmit the pictures online as I take them. In my opinon that is #PureAwesomeness. So my intent is the same as last year I will have my camera with me pretty much 24X7 but this time as I snap a picture in the hall at a bar or just about anywhere, it will be sent up to the web for your viewing pleasure. Of course I will need to be in range of a wireless network so at times some of the pictures may take a while but for the most part they should be up quickly to my FlickR stream. They will all get tagged with #Sqlpass so you can easily locate them on flickr. I have also setup a tweet to go off when they are completed you can follow #sqlpasspics to see all my uploads  You do not need a flickr account to view any of the pictures so feel free to share.

2009 Keynote

The Keynote on Tuesday 2009 PASS Summit

My goal in doing this is to join a steady movement that is trying to bring the summit to those that could not attend. If you have not heard Jen and Sean McCown (Aka MidnightDBA) will be broadcasting from the summit as well. You can find all the info you need on their blog post listed here.   The keynotes will  be streamed live from the summit. You can find all the info here. Combined with the twitter stream that will be taking place I have a feeling this summit will be biggest and best yet!

I will be doing some video with my camera as well and it will get sent to Youtube directly. I’ll have a link to that when I have it setup.

So here’s the hash tags I will primarily be using for all things Photo while at the summit.

#SqlRoadTrip – Myself and @SqlSchizo will be roadtripping up from Portland on Sunday. Any pics we take for this will go here.

#passPhotowalk – This is for the photowalk on Monday morning.

#SqlPassPics –My Eye-fi card will be tweeting from my account whenever new pics are uploaded.

#sqlpass – For all the general news about the summit.

#sqlKilt – I will try and post specific SQL Kilt pictures I take in this tag.

#SqlKaroake – I will  be there and taking pictures and video. Not singing.  🙂

Don’t worry if you miss things on Twitter all my pics will be on Flickr.  You can always find the PASS Pictures by searching for “SqlPASS” hopefully everyone at the summit is using that tag.  If you want a great browser app to view photos check out CoolIris(link)  great way to view a photo stream of SQlpass pictures.


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