I got an email yesterday letting me know about the upcoming plans for the Pass Organizing committee. Thomas Larock (Blog | Twitter) will be heading up the committee. The goal of the committee is to help the people that have never attended a PASS summit before. I’m really excited about this since I’ve been hoping for a program like this for years. I’ve always organized/helped with the ambassadors at the pass summit and been very involved with them and so I’m really hoping this is going to work well. The basic idea is that people that have been to the summit before will help those that have not. The people that volunteered to be on the committee and help out will each be assigned 8 individuals that have not attended the PASS Summit.

My plan for this is to start with an email introducing everyone to each other and to me. I’m going to list out some of the ways they can find out about what’s going on during the PASS summit besides just the normal sessions. Here is the list of key sites/places to look.

· PASS Listing of places to connect.

· PASS After hours happenings

· PASS Summit Info Created by MVP Joseph Guadagno

· PASS Forums

· Following /Adding a column for the #sqlpass hashtag on twitter

· Photowalk on Monday!

· SqlKilt day on Wednesday!

The next goal is a meet and greet with them before the PASS summit begins probably on Monday since most of my day will be spent driving and drinking on Sunday(not at the same time!). At this meet and greet I hope to get to know them and show them around and get a good start on how the conference normally works. We’ll discuss sessions and schedule and some key points not to be missed.

I’m already getting started on helping a new person to the summit even before I was on the committee so I’m getting a good start on questions they may possibly ask. My friend Robin (@SqlSchizo us crazies stick together) will be attending his first summit and we will be driving up with me from Portland on Sunday. Plenty of time to discuss the many great activities you can attend at the PASS Summit.

I don’t think a blog post really does justice to how excited I am about the PASS Summit. I’ll be really excited once SQL Saturday #54 is complete and then just a few weeks after will be heading up to Seattle!


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