Fusion IO DW stats update


I did a webinar on Tuesday with Fusion IO about using Fusion cards in a Data warehousing server. I also posted this blog post on Tuesday related to the numbers. I had a few question on specific stats on the DMX I was testing on so wanted to give an update today on that.

The DMX had 120 SAS 15K spin drives. They were set in a Raid 10 configuration giving 60 Effective disks. They were in use by other systems while running my IO tests and running the DW tests that I quoted on the blog post. As I mentioned in the post for me this is a typical scenario. I don’t have a dedicated SAN for my DW so these numbers work for me. Whether these are the numbers you will see in your testing depends on your environment.

I also promised some additional numbers about some other Fusion Raid sets I was testing and I’m getting a post ready for next week on those numbers. For now I would like to point out an excellent post by the SQLCat team on what it saw with Fusion IO and datawarehousing. Well worth a read here is the link.

SQL Cat Team Distinct Count and Xbox Live


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