Late to the Voting Party!

vote 024 (2)

So I had planned a post to talk about who I was going to vote for and outlining some of the reasons. Unfortunately a failure to plan is a plan for failure! A customer who shall remain nameless decided to lose a LUN on their SAN on Monday. No I don’t know exactly how you accomplish this but I most likely will have a blog post about what you should do if it does happen in the future(Long nights are in your future if this happens) . So this took away time from me getting a blog post up. Instead I give you this advice if you have not voted already (I’m sure many have)

1. Research! The forums located here (Login Required). Have been great to talk to the candidates and get lots of various questions answered.

2. Talk to the candidates. If you have a specific question you want to ask them get a hold of them. They all are reachable by email.

3. Read through the #passvotes hashtag. While much of this has been discussions on the process it’s also the candidates talking in there as well.

The point here is to make an informed decision when casting your vote. Personally I have yet to vote and honestly I have not decided the three I will vote for as I have not had the time to read through all the forum posts and questions. Although I know many of the candidates well I know they put a lot of time and effort into answering questions and I want to respect them by giving them the time and effort they gave me. I have a feeling it will take me the weekend to get through all the candidates.

The other point I want to make about the elections is once again about process. Tons of discussion has taken place on the process. Whether good bad or indifferent if you have written a blog post, added a comment on a blog, or discussed in the forums please make sure to let PASS HQ know. Just because it’s out on your blog or in some comment does not guarantee that they will see it. If you really want to make the process better for next year then you need to send in your comments/suggestions to PASS HQ directly so Johannes can get the information he needs to make the process better. If you need to know where to send that information Johannes outlines it very well in this post (Login Required).

Finally a HUGE thank you to all of the community that has spoken up about the election/process/candidates, you are what make the SQL community great.


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