Utah SQL Saturday

Just a Quick note about an upcoming event to those of you Local to the Salt Lake City area. We will be putting on our first SQL Saturday on October 23 2010 at Neumont university. You can find all the details located here at our website. www.UtahSqlSaturday.com We will have some great presenters from around the country and locally here in our area! We’ll have lots of drawings and giveaways. This is going to be a great full day of training and networking with others from around the area.

Here’s some good reasons to attend a SQL Saturday. 

1. Networking, Networking and Networking.  I can’t say enough about how much networking and having a great SQL community to turn to have helped me in my career. 

2. Free training. Your going to get great sessions you can take back and immedieatley use in your job to make your life and your employers life better. 

3. Giveaways!  oh yes we’ll be giving things away!  Lots of it. 

4. Swag,  Yes we will have swag as well.  Who doesn’t need more swag?  🙂

5. Did I mention Networking?  Let’s mention that one again! 


Hope to see you out to the event! 


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