Should you Run for the Board?

I wanted to get this blog out today to talk about the PASS Board.  Hopefully if you are reading this are thinking about running this will help you to choose to run. 

First there have been some really good blogs on running for the Board already.  Here are the few that I really liked. 

Andy  Warren

Joe Webb

Jeremiah Peschka

I spent 2 years as a Board member.  It was very rewarding and here are some of the things I learned and reasons I came up with to join the ranks. 

1. How to Deal with Budgets.  When I started on the board I was a DBA I had little to no business experience .  I didn’t know that we had to manage millions of dollars I always just sent in an expense report to someone and expected to get paid.  This was a great eye opener for me and really made me a better Database person in the future when I could understand financials better.

2. How to deal with others and compromise.  Now most DBA’s are pretty good at this(not the compromise part)  since we have to deal with not seeing eye to eye with developers all the time.  But what about when you don’t agree with your fellow DBA?  The board taught me to work well with my peers and to compromise at certain times. 

3. How to manage people.  I have been quoted on many occasions to say I’m not a very good manager.  It’s something I’ve worked on for much of my career but still feel I have a lot of room to grow in.  It is something that the Board helped me on.  You have to manage volunteers that “work” for you.  How effectively you do this will matter greatly to the community at large. 

4.  Learning to take criticism.  I would be lying to say it’s all Bacon and Set based queries on the PASS Board.  The SQL Community is vibrant and vocal about suggestions.  In my opinion it makes the Board better and that helps to make the community better.  If your not vocal in our community right now you should be!  You need to tell PASS what they are doing wrong and right.  The more we give feedback the better things will be.  I learned a lot about taking criticism on the board and how to turn it into something positive.

5. Last but not least.  Working with people outside our community.  Did you know there’s people out there that have never heard of PASS!?!?! I know it’s a crime right?  :)  I learned that you can meet so many people and really talk to them about not only the PASS organization but the SQL Community in general and tell them how great it is to be part of it!  I love explaining to people what kind of community we have and how we help each other.  Being an Ambassador for PASS while I was on the Board was one of the most rewarding things I did. 

Hopefully these things I’ve learned will help you in your decision to run for the Board.  I apologize if I was a little long winded the community and the PASS organization mean a lot to me and hopefully it means a enough to you as well to put in the time and run for the board.  🙂

Here’s where you can put your name into running for the Board.


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