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5 Things SQL Server Should Get Rid Of


I’ve been wanting to toss my hat into the latest Meme by Paul Randal( Blog | Twitter).  So here’s my list. 

1.  Auto Shrink.  I agree with Paul on this.  It should never be turned on and it’s not needed.  I don’t like to have to shrink files but allowing them to Auto shrink is even worse.  Just asking for performance problems. 

2.  Defaults for files.  I promise I’m not trying to copying Paul verbatim here.  This one effects me all the time.  I have a client that makes lots  of databases then throws millions of rows into them.  They never change this setting!  Until I come in to look at the server and find thousands of autogrows.  Why not let me set the model to a specific setting and everything uses that as the default?  Or perhaps you could have a server property to set it?  I’m planning some work on PBM in the future to see if I can get this to do it for me. 

3.  Enterprise Edition.  Now before you get the tomatoes ready here me out.  I don’t want MS to kill the flagship product with all the features I want them to move many of those features down to Standard.  I work with lots of small customers that have sometimes hundreds of db’s and can’t afford Enterprise edition but could really use something like Resource governor or Data Compression.  The Big customers and big enterprises I work for rarely use these technologies because they’ve got 20 developers to write there own resource management or ways around compression.  They have the benefit of resources to find another way.  Give these features to the little guys so they really utilize the new features.  I typical see the smaller companies are the ones trying to blaze new trails with the new features. 

4.  ONE TEMPDB!  I would love to see the ability to create multiple TEMPDB resources and assign groups of DB’s to it.  Think of those out there with 100’s or thousands of Db’s you have a tempdb bottleneck always.  Now yes you can split the files and put it on fast disks but it’s always going to be a single point of contention. 

5.  Last but not Least.  SSMS.  I know others have mentioned this one as well.  This tool tried to be a dev studio and a management studio and failed.  It’s ok at both.  Why not just leave VS as the dev studio(which rocks) and create a rocking Management Studio.  Something like Quest Fog light/Spotlight.  Give us some of the cool tools out there to really MANAGE our servers not just Design against them. 

Since I crashed the party I won’t bother Tagging anyone.  :)