Monthly Archives: March 2010

Volunteers and the Community

It’s been more than a month since I updated the blog.  I’ve been working hard this year to keep blogging consistently but the last month has thrown some monkey wrenches into my plan. 

This weekend I got to work with some great volunteers at Photo Camp Utah.  Many of the volunteers spent much of there day missing out on some great sessions.  They did this not for any reward or recognition but simply because they wanted to help others.  The organizers of Photo Camp have put in 100’s of hours planning and organizing and as much as Jeremy would like to say he just nagged all of us he was the driving force of the event.  Which is crucial in making a great event.  Next time your on a photowalk and your around Jeremy or any of the great volunteers to Photo Camp make sure to thank them for the time they put in. 

This is true for my fellow volunteers in the PASS community as well.  Right now there are a group of people that are getting together to meet and make a great PASS community.  They gave up time with there family to help others not asking anything in return. 

So as you attend SQL Saturdays, Code Camps, Photo Camps or anything where people are volunteering make sure to take a minute and thank those that give so much in return for so little. 


A quick reminder as well.  Utah Code Camp is taking place on March 27th.  Come join us for some great presentations!