Speaking at the User Group

Last night was the first time I’ve spoken to the user group in quite some time.  I’m posting this up so I avoid some of the mistakes I made last night.  I was out of practice so I made some simple mistakes. 

1.  Don’t forget your laptop power cord.  I use to never have this problem as I always had one in my bag with me.  Unfortunately may bag is now also a camera bag that carries a 80-200 lens which is quite heavy so I try to keep weight to a minimum by leaving my cord at home.  🙂

2.  Check your laptop on a projector first.  I’ve hooked many laptops to projectors and never had issues.  I’ve even had this one use an external monitor but for whatever reason last night I could not get this to show up the projector.  I did try the FN+F8 needed for Dell and I tried the Windows Key + P which is suggested for Win 7.  I’ll do some research today to find the issue. 

3.  Repeat the question.  Although I wasn’t doing online live meeting or any sort of online presence I want to get into this habit to make myself a better presenter.  I didn’t do that last night so I’ll continue to work on this. 

Hopefully everyone learned something from the session even if I wasn’t able to demo the specific items I wanted.  If you attended the presentation feel free to leave any comments on what you thought or email me.  Thanks


3 responses to “Speaking at the User Group

  1. Pat I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. I really liked how you started it out by asking if anyone had any sql questions to bring to the group. This got me thinking that I need to come up with some questions that we could discuss as a group and get others opinions. I would of have liked to see some of your demos. If there is some code that goes with your demos that could be posted it would be very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your presentation on Monday. I took lots of notes and shared them with the rest of the DB team at ARUP the next morning, and we have decided to implement your suggestions across the enterprise.

  3. Patrick, The best part of some user group meetings is meeting with others and find similar problems to what you have so it's great if you bring problems with you. Feel free to email me anytime as well and I'll be happy to assist. The demo's were all primarily showing how to do it by walking through the window's screens. I am working on a post for merge right now that I hope to have up next week and then another one planned for Perfmon. So hopefully I'll get those up in the next week. Martin, Good to hear the suggestions were well taken. Always happy to see people moving forward and improving performance. 🙂

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