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Speaking at the User Group

Last night was the first time I’ve spoken to the user group in quite some time.  I’m posting this up so I avoid some of the mistakes I made last night.  I was out of practice so I made some simple mistakes. 

1.  Don’t forget your laptop power cord.  I use to never have this problem as I always had one in my bag with me.  Unfortunately may bag is now also a camera bag that carries a 80-200 lens which is quite heavy so I try to keep weight to a minimum by leaving my cord at home.  🙂

2.  Check your laptop on a projector first.  I’ve hooked many laptops to projectors and never had issues.  I’ve even had this one use an external monitor but for whatever reason last night I could not get this to show up the projector.  I did try the FN+F8 needed for Dell and I tried the Windows Key + P which is suggested for Win 7.  I’ll do some research today to find the issue. 

3.  Repeat the question.  Although I wasn’t doing online live meeting or any sort of online presence I want to get into this habit to make myself a better presenter.  I didn’t do that last night so I’ll continue to work on this. 

Hopefully everyone learned something from the session even if I wasn’t able to demo the specific items I wanted.  If you attended the presentation feel free to leave any comments on what you thought or email me.  Thanks


DBA Survivor Caption Contest

Thomas Larock aka @SqLRockstar (Blog|Twitter)  is running a contest for his new book DBA Survivor.  I figured I would throw in a few captions to the picture below.  Check out the contest here


My Captions

“I’m going to jump if I don’t get bacon soon”

“I hope those zombies aren’t coming for me”

“Has anyone seen my database?”

“This city needs more bacon!”

“I wonder if I can shrink that building like I do my databases?”

“Why in the hell is Thom making us do this contest? “   🙂

If you would like to check out Thom’s book when it is released here is the Link.

Twitter, Salaries and the Community

So a friend of mine called me today looking for job advice for interviewing.  She hasn’t been happy at her current position and was looking around.  The big question she said is that it seemed like lots of people were asking for her salary?   She found this quite strange and didn’t know the best way of answering.  She was answering truthfully  but found that one company held that against her saying it was a large jump from  what the current salary was compared to what she was asking.

My suggestion was give a range or let them know your not happy with your current salary but you do not usually give it out.  I knew there might be better answers out there so I decided to find out from others.  As I was on the phone with him I presented the question to the Twitter community. 

“General Question: Do you give out your current Salary to future employers before working for them? I don’t see that as info they need”

Now I’m well aware of the power of twitter and the GREAT SQL Community. I’m proud to have been part of it for many years.  But my friend didn’t understand twitter or how it could help.  :)  After about 20 responses and 1 direct message she fully understood.  I thought it was done after that but boy was I wrong.  Brent O(Blog|Twitter)  The MASTER of all things Blogging,Twitter and Everything posted a blog post about the question with excellent answers.  My friend now has the info that she needs and has been shown the power of Twitter.  I’m sure she will be creating an account soon. 

If you ever find yourself searching for an answer you can’t find make sure to reach out to those around you.  Everyone betters themselves from sharing in problems.

Thanks Again!