What Three Events got me here?

I was once again tagged by Tjay Belt (Blog|Twitter) to write about what got me to where I’m at. I was also tagged by Allen Kinsel (Blog|Twitter).  Thank you both for thinking about little old me. 

To know where we are we must know where we have been.

I got a computer.

Yes it was a TRS-80. I had it hooked up to a small (13”) T.V. I did not have the tape recorder that saved programs so basically I just messed around in Basic wrote something and then wrote it again and then again. I learned to loop and put funny words all over the screen and in various colors. This really didn’t drive my interest much farther than that. Shortly after this I got a NES which was tons more fun and I spent countless hours playing it. This spurred my interest in electronics and computers much more than the TRS-80 ever did. My final computer as a kid was a Packard Bell 485 33MHX dx this computer was really what started me down the path. I remember coming home at midnight after a football game (I lived in the middle of nowhere and bus rides were really long). I went right into the box and started opening even though my father said I was not allowed to touch it or set it up until I read the entire manual. Ya I still don’t read the entire manual. I had the computer setup in 20 minutes and was starting to use it with dos 6.0. Most of my beginning years were just using the computer to talk with people. I logged onto many BBS’s as a way out of the tiny small town in the middle of nowhere. I did start to program a little in Pascal and could use DOS very well. Creating Batch files and changing memory settings so I could try and play some of the games my friends had.

I went to College (not for long)

I knew I wanted to get into computers from my time with my Packard Bell. I always envisioned myself more of an electronics person though than programming. I also was heavily into phones and phone systems (Yes I built a Red Box from a hallmark card). So during College I had every intention of getting a CIS degree and get into networking. I took some more classes about computers and programming even attempting my hand at Assembler (don’t want to do that again). I only went to College for a year. I decided to get married to the most wonderful woman in the world which meant needing a steady job instead of just College jobs.

I got a job

So I started into the work force like many of us in Customer Support. I remember they wanted experience in Windows 95. Which in College I had done dos and novell so I knew plenty of Cmd line gui’s but hardly any visual gui’s like Windows. I was still able to get the job and over the next year learned much more about Windows. I also learned how important Customer Support is and how hard it is. I have lots of respect for most Customer Support techs. During this position I kept trying to work with the operations team as much as possible as I still had a drive to work with computers and networking. I thought for sure I would be a network admin and that was my goal. Then IT happened. I was a Team Lead at the company when they were purchased by another large organization. It wasn’t for the worst though it turns out that the large organization didn’t like how it’s customer support was being run but they did like how we did it. So the large organization turned over all it’s software and the job of support to us. We had to learn there software and processes’s and how to support all 30K customers. This was no small undertaking. Along with this company came a helpdesk application known at the Time as HEAT (now known as FrontRangeSolutions). This was a front end helpdesk application that had a backed to Sybase Sql Anywhere 5.5. Thus my first introduction to SQL and databases was born. I spent about another 2 years working with that database until we migrated up to SQL Server 7.0. From there I’ve done many various things with SQL Server but I still have a copy of some of my original SQL Anywhere scripts just as a reminder so I always know where I am.

During these 3 things many great people helped me along the way not only as a DBA but as a person. I give back as much as I can to the community and to other DBA’s because I would not be here if it were not for someone telling me that you can’t write a trigger that updates EVERY row in the 1 million row table whenever it fires.


Picture Obtained from Wikimedia.org Used Under Creative Commons Share.   Link to picture


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