Organization and Productivity My Goals for the Year

I was tagged by Tjay Belt (Blog|Twitter) at the beginning of the year and due to some big projects and a computer crash I’m just now getting back to posting my goals for the year.

This year will be a big change for me. I see this as a year for me to get organized and be productive both for my community and for my company. While my life is never simple I hope to try and simplify as many things as I can this year so my goals are simple and to the point.

Goals for Community

· I have no defined position at the PASS Organization and while I’m helping out on projects I really don’t know what the year will hold for me and PASS. I have every intention of helping out as much as possible like I have done over the last 4 years. I really want to blend my Photography passion with PASS and do even more at the summit with it. I have some ideas and we’ll see how those come together through the year.

· I have organized and planned 6 code camps over the last few years. While I love doing it I’m a DBA and a SQL guy and I’ve never put on a SQL Saturday! This will be the year to put one on.

· I want to present more. At least 4-5 times this year and somewhere besides my local group. I might invade some other SQL chapters or SQL Saturday’s in my area.

Goals for Work

· Get Organized. Trying to keep things simple and get them done. Rarely are my tasks simple projects but if I can break them down into smaller pieces then I can manage them better.

· Reach my goal with a system I’m designing. I can’t really specify this one but you will see blog posts on the ideas I’m working on.

Theme Word = Organization

In keeping with my goal this year I am keeping this blog post simple and to the point. Sure I have lots of other goals both personal and work/community related but these are my crucial ones If I can accomplish these my other items will come as well.


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