Monthly Archives: November 2009

PASS Pictures

I had a wonderful time at the PASS Summit.  As I blogged about here  I chose a different approach to the summit to try and capture more of the people and carrying my camera all the time with me. 

I have hopefully captured enough photo’s that everyone can have a small bit of that fever we all get while at the summit.  I have been really happy with how many pictures have come out of the summit in general I’ve tried to add some links below of everyone’s pictures I’m aware of.  Some may be in Face book which might require you to be friends with the person other’s are in Flickr where pretty much everyone can see them.  I’ve put mine in both to make it easier for people to find.  I would suggest if you would just like to browse the pictures Flickr is a much better way to go given how slow and buggy Facebook is.  But if you would like to comment and tag your friends then Facebook is the better way to go.  :) 

Here’s the overall Stats

On Sunday I took about 700 Pictures while out on the Olympic peninsula this was a family Photo shoot I was doing for some good friends of mine.  I was also enjoying the beautiful scenery out on the Peninsula something I will hopefully be able to do again soon. 

Mon-Friday About 900 pictures total.  Just short of 1000K.  I’ll have to make sure to up that number next year.  Here is a link to all my pictures via Flickr and Facebook.  No not all 900+ made the cut. 

My Photowalk Pictures on Flickr

My PASS General Session set on Flickr

My PASS General Session on Facebook

The dedicated PASS Photowalk group on Flickr.

@SqLAgentMan (Tim Ford) Photowalk set on Flickr.

@NoDNS (Kris) pictures from the Photowalk on Flickr.

I have seen many more on Facebook but I don’t have public links to them.  If anyone would like to post in the comments I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list.