Different Approach to the PASS Summit this year

Volunteer Committee Last year at the Volunteer Outing. 

This will be my 5th PASS summit this year.  My second and final as a PASS Board of Director.  Each PASS has been different for me but most have all had one theme in common.  Meet and Network with many people while learning great things about SQL Server.  This year I still intend to Meet and Network with others and learn about SQL Server but I’m also going to document and focus on the people at PASS.  Everyone knows I’m a photo nut and tend to have my camera with me to much.  Well this year it will always be on me.  I’ve decided to forego my normal large laptop/camera bag for just a camera bag and net book.  Most of the time my camera will be around me shoulder/neck on my R-Strap ready to take pictures whenever I can.

I’m a visual person and have a hard time remembering names and faces.  Hopefully for me this will help me to recognize people for the next PASS Summit.  All my pictures will end up on my Flickr Photostream and will be available to those that I have taken pictures of.  If you would like a quick headshot or a picture with a friend at PASS feel free to seek me out and we’ll set something up. 

If you would like to have fun and see Seattle and take pictures as well we have a Photowalk planned on Monday at 8:00 a.m. Feel free to come join us. 



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