Holy Bingo, I’m a Square!

That’s right this year at the PASS Summit you get to play Bingo!  Not just any Bingo but Twtiter Bingo.  Stuart A(@StuartA), Brent O(@brento) and Blythe M(@blytheMorrow) have put together rules and all the details of the contest. Stuart has blogged about it here.  Basically you need to find people on the Bingo card on Tuesday you need to get a straight line.  Monday two straight lines and then on Wednesday a blackout.  Each day once you have gotten the specific pattern you need to turn it into the Quest booth at the expo hall.  They will have a drawing for fabulous gifts and prizes.  :) 

Now I’m telling you all this because I’m a Bingo Square!  My handle on twitter is @SqlAsylum.  I will be one of the easiest squares to find because I’m typically wearing a red vest as a PASS Ambassador.  patpass2007 So most of the time you can see me near the PASS Booth or in the halls helping to direct others to where they are trying to go.  I’m also a PASS Board of director and would love to hear your thoughts on the PASS Elections, the conference or the Community in general.  Hopefully you will all have a chance to find me. I’ll even tell you the story or my code word if you would like.  It’s all about the PASS Conference and it’s history. 



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