Photowalking at the 2009 PASS Summit

It’s that time of year again for the PASS Summit.  Which means it’s time for a PASS Photowalk.  Tim Ford(@sqlagentman)  and myself wanted to get together last year and take some pictures around Seattle.  Many friends joined us and the PASS Photowalk was born.  We will be leading a Photowalk once again this year  Here are all the details. 

Where: Sheraton Lobby
When:  Monday Nov 2nd 8:00 a.m.
Who:  Anyone with a camera.  The only requirement to Photowalking  is a camera of some sort.  If it’s a camera on your phone that’s fine. The goal is to socialize and meet other PASS/SQL folks and to take pictures while doing it. 

Myself and Tim Ford will be leading the Photowalk.  We will start off at the Sheraton and hopefully do a quick group shot and then work our way down to Pikes Place Market and then to Sculpture Park near Pikes place.  From there will be anyone’s guess.  We will most likely stop at Pikes Place for some breakfast of some sort.   Many of us will have things to attend later in the day on Monday so the walk most likely will not go past lunch time.   Hopefully everyone is attending Don Gabor’s session later in the day as well. 

We will use #sqlpassphotowalk as the hash tag for the event in case you want to follow where we are on twitter.  I’m sure a few other people on the walk will be using twitter.  If you know your going to be late email me at and I’ll pass on my cell phone number so you can call me and find out where we are. 

I’ve created a Flickr group for us to post photo’s from the Photowalk.  You can visit it here. please Tag your photos with SQLPASS. For ease of searching.  If you don’t have a flickr account it’s free to setup.  You can see my pictures from last years Photowalk as well to get an idea of the walk.  

Here are some suggestions to make this a good photowalk for you.

1. Be sociable.  This is about learning and networking.

2. Be prepared.  Last year we were lucky with excellent weather.  We will see if we are that lucky again.  Dress in layers and either carry an umbrella or be prepared to get wet.  If your brining a Digital SLR like myself it’s best to have something to cover it up with such as a bag to keep the water out. 

3. Walking.  While we may stop at a location to take pictures there will be much walking.  Wear shoes that are appropriate to do so. 

4. Have fun.  As with all things at PASS have a good time.

If there’s any questions comments feel free to add them here.  I’ve also posted this in the  forums .

Hope to see you all there! 



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