Currently the PASS Board of Directors election is going on.  You can vote for who you think should be on the Board for the next 2 years. 

I really just want you to do 2 things.

1.  VOTE!

2. Research the candidates and vote for you who you feel is the best candidates to be on the Board of Directors. 

There was much lively debate over at Brent Ozar’s blog about Matt Morollo (@mattMorollo) one of the candidates running for the Board.  There is information about the candidates as well on the PASS Election website.  This information is being presented to you to help make a decision about who you want to vote for.

Having served my time on the Board I can tell you it’s not an easy position and these candidates will have many uphill battles in front of them.   We belong to a wonderful community and it’s our responsibility to vote for who we feel are the best candidates.  They will have a profound effect on the community as a Board of Director. 

Good Luck to all the candidates and thank you for being willing to volunteer for the Board. 



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