Utah Code Camp (Wrap up)

Another Utah Code Camp has come and gone.  I figured I would write up a quick review of the event both for all my readers benefit and for my own to keep a reminder of items I need to work on. 

The morning started out rather hectic with the doors not getting open on time.  Good idea to remember to always call your location and contacts the night before and make sure the times are right. 

Thankfully STG brought in bagels and coffee/OJ so everyone had something to snack on while we were going through registration and getting the doors opened. 

The sessions kicked off with a keynote from Dr Alistair Cockburn which I believe did an excellent job.  Unfortunately I had many other minor details about the camp that needed my attention so I wasn’t able to make the session but so far from the surveys and others response he did a great job. 

We made it through the sessions in the morning well without to many hiccups.  Once again we fell a little short on pizza for the lunch hour.  The lesson learned here is that for IT folk you have to triple your pizza order not double it. 

We discussed Primary key topics, clustered indexes, Olap vs Oltp , and DB architecture in our database roundtable.  I think most came out with some good questions answered and lots of good discussion was had by all.  Next code camp we are going to plan for a full SQL track to get lots more information out to the people. 

I was able to make it to Aaron Skonnard’s Session on Windows Azure and Cloud Computing.  I had not seen Aaron speak before I’m happy to say I was not disappointed he did a wonderful job of speaking and confirmed many of my suspicions about the cloud and what we can expect from it(future blog post). 

Of course my favorite part of the day is being able to give away stuff.  :)  We gave away a lot of software this time.  Well over 10K in software. 

All in all it was once again a great event and I’m already looking forward to the next one.  Thank you to all my excellent sponsors that made the camp possible.  A HUGE thank you to my presenters and to Craig, Nathan and Justin for helping me so much with organizing the event. 

Hope to see everyone at the next Code Camp!


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