24 Hours of PASS

Ok so I can be honest  and say I did not sign up for 24 hours of pass until the day before it started.  This wasn’t because I was not interested just to busy with many other things.  I figured I would make a few sessions and learn something.  Boy was I wrong (this happens a lot for me). 

Once I found that I could also watch SQL Rockstar(Thom Larock) live while the sessions were going on I was hooked.  The side conversations and the talk going on in the chat was just like being at PASS.  It made me want it to be November right now!  This made the event for me and really added to it. 

But did I actually learn something?  Why yes I did.  I still only made a few sessions because of my schedule but the few I made it to were great.   I attended Steve Jones session on Blogging.  This is something I didn’t want to miss as you can see from my Blog I need help.  I am taking his advice and going to set aside time for blogging and start getting blogs in a “que” ready to go.  So I’ll start simple on my goal and stick with once a week at least.  We’ll see how I do. 

The other session that left me with good information was Brian Knight’s session on “Loading a Data Warehouse”.  Brian is one of those amazing technical people that is very smart and an excellent teacher, I love attending his sessions whenever I get the chance.  I have always been hesitant about using the built in lookup tools and dimensions tools in SSIS and preferred to use my own stored procedures and set based methods.  This is usually based around  performance as Brian mentioned in his talk performance is bad when it has to do it row by row. But for the first time I’ve seen by a BI person he gave some set based alternatives using SSIS.  Using these techniques will help me in a current DW I’m designing.  I may also *try* and use the Slowly changing Dimension in SSIS but I have a feeling doing it in T-SQL and using Merge will just be easier for me.  🙂

So would I attend something like this again.  Absolutely 100%.  Am I extremely stoked to get to PASS in November Absolutely 100%! 

A great big thank you to everyone at PASS and all the speakers and moderators for giving their time and volunteering for this.  Thank you also to Rick Heiges who started the idea and championed it through the process.  Once again Rick I think I owe you a Bacardi and diet coke for this one.  :) 

2 responses to “24 Hours of PASS

  1. Hi Pat – The 3 sessions I attended were great – Grant Fritchey/Query Perf Tuning- Kalen Delany/Simple Recovery – Andy Kelly/File & Wait Stats. And I'm taking your advice and going to PASS this year. See you in Seattle,Susan Van Eyck

  2. thanks. the solution for pdf corrupted file recovery may be also needed in some cases

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