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PASS Board of Directors

I have been a Board of director for PASS for the past 2 years.  My time as a Board of Director has been and Exceptional experience and I would suggest any volunteer that is on the “fence” about running should put their hat in. 

Some good friends of mine had to “help” me the first time I submitted my entry for PASS Board of director.  I would suggest anyone out there that has a friend or knows someone considering running for the Board to urge them to do so.  I have never regretted putting my name in.  I have learned many things from the Board and it’s given me an experience I can’t find anywhere else.  The Board is a great group of people and are excellent to work with. 

Good luck if you do choose to run! 

PASS Call for Nominations.



Utah Code Camp

Utah Code Camp is only a short couple weeks away have you registered?   This will be a great day of learning about lots of different technologies and networking with others in your community.  You can register at  We’ll have lots of giveaways and swag for you to get at the code camp.  Just announced we have Alistair Cockburn as the Keynote Speaker for the code camp.  Here’s his bio and information. 

Alistair Cockburn (pronounced CO-burn) is one of the coauthors of the Agile Manifesto in 2001 and one of the world’s leading experts on Agile methodologies. He is the creator Crystal Clear, a lightweight development methodology. He is credited with defining Use Cases. Dr. Cockburn has written several books on Use Cases, Agile methodologies, and Crystal Clear. He received his PhD from the University of Oslo in 2003 and today lives in Salt Lake City.


So Come out and Join us for a great day of learning!