Stranded on an Island……Working?

Ok so an idea like this could only come from the warped mind of Tim Ford (@sqlagentman).  Since I’m actively Blogging again I’ve decided to respond to this one. Thank you Tjay for tagging me.  

So here’s a story Of a lovely lady….oh wait sorry…Forget that. 


“So You’re On A Deserted Island With WiFi and you’re still on the clock at work. Okay, so not a very good situational exercise here, but let’s roll with it; we’ll call it a virtual deserted island. Perhaps what I should simply ask is if you had a month without any walk-up work, no projects due, no performance issues that require you to devote time from anything other than a wishlist of items you’ve been wanting to get accomplished at work but keep getting pulled away from I ask this question: what would be the top items that would get your attention?”

First and foremost I would pour myself a Virtual Mai Tai.  This is an island and no one can yell at me about my fruity drinks here.  As a matter of fact let’s just pour 2 for fun. 

After consuming one(this won’t take me long).  I would sit down with the next drink and start to look at much of the architecture of my current data world I live in.  I have recently changed companies and positions leaving behind a Operational world that I knew very well.  For the better part of 10 years I have been on a call, on call, or in a call for most of those 10 years.  For that time I managed and worked with many systems, some I loathed and some I loved.  I’ve moved into the role of designing those very systems now from the ground up.  I would spend my first little while on the island remembering many of the things I learned in the operational world and trying to catalog them into my head(maybe writing them down).  So I can build my systems in a way that others can avoid the problems I faced. 

I would then (this is after 2 more Mai Tai’s of course) Start to look at  my current company and current data needs and start to find where data is needed and how it is needed. I need to find ways to help the masses get to it efficiently and quickly.  While keeping in mind the needs of the DBA’s/System admins that some day will be managing this system and hopefully don’t have to answer a call while hiking in Zion’s National Park (yes you can get cell coverage). 

The second to last thing (after consuming more Mai Tai’s) I would do on the virtual island is to look to the future and see how my data system can be placed into the Cloud.  This is something I both trust and fear all at the same time.  It’s one of those great technologies that you say can both help us and hurt us at the same time.  Something I’m watching very closely and how it will effect the needs of the data systems. 

The Last thing I would do is of course take a Photo Walk around my virtual Island.  I would of course invite Tim Ford to this if he can find a way to fly out to my virtual island if not I would do my best to capture the essence of the bits and bytes of my virtual island. Although I might need a tripod to get any steady shots because at this point I’m most likely drunk. 

Since I’ve had to much to drink during this blog post I will not bother to Tag anyone else as I will most likely end up tagging the wrong people.  🙂


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