Quick Testing with Fusion IO Card

Some of you have probably heard of the Fusion IO Cards.  If not you can check out more about them here.  I got one of these for a very short demo  yesterday.  I had 1 day with this card and I was only informed of this the night before as well so it made testing difficult.  I had a simple goal in mind for this card which helped me to keep testing to a minimum.

My Goal for these cards were to place Tempdb on the card.  Since every join/hash table/query execution hits tempdb I see this as a quick way to gain some performance without moving around lot’s of Databases.  All I had at my disposal for this quick test was a server with 3 drives setup in Raid 5 housing the C and basically everything else.  When life gives you lemons Call @sqlagentman and @sqlrockstar and make Margarita’s! 

So I wanted to test the write performance since that was something i could quickly setup and test.  I setup a simple loop that created 1 million row temp tables by pulling data out of another table that I had that had 12 million rows.  The loop would Create the table insert the data then drop the table.  I decided I would do this in loops of 10 and watch the disk queue length during this time. 

The First run with Tempdb on the Raid 5 with 3 Drives(2 effective).  Ran the test in 1:19 seconds hit a Max que Length of 253 and Averaged a que length of 53. 

I then Stopped SQL moved over tempdb to the Fusion drive and re-ran.  Same test same loop It took 21 seconds and only got to a max Que length of 1 and Averaged 0.  Much less of a hit.

I wanted to see if I could get higher Que lengths so I switched it to 10 million row tables and ran it again.  This time it took 2:54 seconds actually hit a Max disk que of 13 and averaged about 1 for the disk que length. 

At this point I really wish I could get some more time and setup another set of drives to do more dedicated tests but that’s just not in the cards for me right now.  I would still suggest based off these numbers having such a high level of difference that if you can look into these cards as a hardware performance tuning option.  I know I am suggesting to purchase one and when I do get it in house I’ll have time to do more tests. 

If you also want to look at SSD(Solid State Drives) vs Hard Drives @paulRandal referenced a great blog post from James Hamilton on the differences you can find it here.


3 responses to “Quick Testing with Fusion IO Card

  1. One word spoiledQWade

  2. We just migrated our existing SQL 2008 cluster to a Win2008 R2 Multi-Site cluster running SQL 2008 SP1 CU5. We're utilizing the SteelEye product 'DataKeeper Cluster Edition' for replication. The difference for us, we're using solid state drives provided by Fusion IO (http://www.fusionio.com/) to house our application databases. The performance on the SSD drives as amazing.

  3. the problem of data corruption in the files of specified format can be fixed by the restore bd of sql without users utility

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