Evaluation Edition(Days Remaining)

So I’ve run into an interesting problem that I don’t think I’ve had to deal with to many times and hopefully most of you have not either. How do you find how many days left in your trial of SQL Server?  I am in the process of purchasing a MSDN license through my company so I’ve been running on an Eval copy of SQL 2008.  One that I got from one of the many MS events I attend.  I have no doubt that I will be moving to 2008 but since I didn’t have an MSDN license the only thing I could use was a Eval copy. 

Unfortunately it’s taking a long time to get the purchase through so I was curious to see how much time I had left before my copy expires.  Unlike many products that tell you every time they open how many days they have left SQL Server does not.  I was able to locate it though in Help and About. As shown below though it’s not very helpful since it cuts off the column telling you how many days are left. 


So you can either choose the copy info button and paste it into some text file.  Or just Expand the column at the Top this will tell you how many days are remaining. 

Hopefully you never find yourself to close to the end of an evaluation of software but just in case you do now you have a way to check. 


2 responses to “Evaluation Edition(Days Remaining)

  1. I complained about this a while back on Connect. They said it was going to be fixed in “the next release”… when I asked what “next release” meant (Katmai or Katmai + 1), there was deafening silence. Obviously that meant Katmai + 1.http://is.gd/eSOM

  2. thanks. I know another download ms sql recovery 1.5 software. maybe you will be interested

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