2009 New Year Resolutions

Ok this post is a little misleading since I don’t make resolutions.  I make goals for the year.  So I’ll share those here in each of my different area’s. 


1.  I will deep dive farther into SSIS and DW to truly produce an end to end BI solution for my company.

2.  Manage my team to become more effective.

3.  Train my team better and give them the tools they need to succeed.

4.  Deep Dive into SQL 2008 and future SQL products I can get my hands on. 


1.  Change the volunteer program for PASS to better suit the needs of the organization.

2.  Blog at least 2 times weekly. 

3.  Speak more and Help more at the SQL Server user group. 

4.  Hold 3 code camp events.  (Utah code camp spring and fall, and a PASS Community Connection(march 2009) )

5.  Re-start the SLC IT pro user group. 

6.  Write at least 2 articles.  I’m not a good writer so this will be hard for me.

As you can see some of these are vague while others are specific.  I know that you should try and make goals specific to follow. For me  sometimes it doesn’t go the way I intended but it still ends up getting what’s done and what is needed so my goals are similar in that they give me the direction I want to go but not necessarily the entire map.  When I sit down everyday I try and review these items and find things that help me to make that map and get to my goals.  Hopefully this year I will be able to meet all of these.  The hardest one for me will be the writing.  But I’m already working on a solution to that. 


One response to “2009 New Year Resolutions

  1. I love goals. I’ve found that it is more helpful for me to have metrics so I know if I met my goal. I suppose the same thing goes for projects I’m on…if I don’t have a final deliverable that marks the project as complete, then how will I know that I’m done? For instance, “Change the volunteer program for PASS to better suit the needs of the organization.” may be a little vague. Consider identifying what the final result/deliverable would be.

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