What was I thinking? Talking about slow weeks

Ok so really I think I forgot to take my common  sense pills on Monday.   What happens when you say your going to have a slow week or this will be an excellent week to get such and such done.  What always happens it get’s busy.  Not just a little busy but terribly busy.  So far I’ve had 2 full days I even had to leave work late on Monday to get things done plus late nights of working.  I’m making  a mental note now to never post something like that again. 

On the learning side how many people out there deal with instances of SQL Server?  If you haven’t do you know how to connect to one?  This might seem simple to most and for many dba’s it should be but I was recently training our Junior DBA and he didn’t know how to connect to the instance instead of just the default.  So I figured I would give a quick run down for those that don’t know or are just learning. 

A default instance is the same name as the computer it’s running on.  So say we have a box named SQL1   to connect in SSMS you simply need to connect to SQL1 and provide credentials.  Now let’s say we install another instance on that same computer named FOO.  In this case in ssms you need to connect to SQL1\FOO  you still use the computer name but now you are telling it which instance you want to connect to.  Let’s have even more fun and add another instance called BAR  now if we want to connect there we would do SQL1\BAR.  Pretty simple eh?  Again this is something that’s simple and easy to remember but hopefully it helps the few out there that have yet to work with instances. 



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