SQL Quiz

So I was tagged couple weeks ago by Tjay to take part in a SQL Quiz from Chris Shaw.

The Questions for this quiz…

What are the largest challenges that you have faced in your career and how did you overcome those?

1.  My first challenge I would say it’s not one task but all the task’s.  Balance is what I find is the greatest challenge.  Not only balancing work and family but balancing SQL Servers.  Every Server I have come across is always battling and fighting between querying the data and pulling it out for use.  It’s the most fundamental aspect of a database and usually we find ourselves trying to find ways for those two items to work in harmony more than anything else.  We tune sprocs, queries and design all in hopes of finding that happy balance where everything works. 

2.  My second challenge would be the DW projects I’ve worked on.  My DW projects rarely fit a normal DW project with a team of people and gathering requirements and gathering all the aspects of what are needed and designing a system that works for it.  Usually it’s a smaller project or one that’s expected to do all those things without all the time and effort.  Not to say this is bad it’s just that you have to be very flexible sometimes when it comes to DW projects.  If you can sit down and gather what’s needed and build a team and start the ball rolling right great!  But if not don’t be afraid to jump in head first and get going on your own.  Sometimes once they have seen you can do it then it makes it easier to keep going. 

Those are what I see as my two biggest challenges.  Maybe not specific problems I’ve come across but I rarely get specific problems. 

I’m not going to tag two more people since I’m pretty sure all the people I could tag have already been tagged.  :)  For now I’ll just post my answers. 



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